Many homeowners feel that the first step in planning a construction project is getting multiple estimates from as many contractors as they can. For simple remodeling, such as siding or roofing, that may be best course of action.

However, today’s homeowners have many options and decisions to make before an accurate and TRUE COST can be determined. In almost every aspect of home design, the choices a customer makes will affect the budget in a meaningful way. Ten different customers will call ten different projects a “dormer” … all with ten different price tags!

Personal Touch has developed a Design/Build approach which is the best way to determine what your design will cost BEFORE you begin any construction. There is no other way to accurately predict the true construction price.

The Design/Build approach consists of these steps:

  1. The homeowners and a Personal Touch Design Consultant will meet to discuss your wants and needs for your construction project.
  2. After careful review of these specific wants and needs, an approximate budget will be estimated.
  3. If the estimate is aligned with the clients’ budget, we would then enter into a Preliminary Design Agreement, where for a small investment from the customer, the project will be designed to that budget. The size of your initial investment varies based on the size of the project and the amount of work necessary to best meet the homeowner’s needs.
  4. A detailed visualization package will be created for the homeowner. This can consist of drawings, floor-plans, computer renderings and kitchen and bath plans if necessary. This will enable the homeowner to know if the end result will give them what they have envisioned.
  5. Once the preliminary plans are approved by the homeowner, a detailed cost analysis is generated for those plans to be constructed.
  6. When the designs and total projected costs are to the client’s liking, any initial investments already made will be credited toward the project. This way, the extra step of designing to your needs first, does not cost anything extra!


Dormers & Extensions

Has your family expanded beyond the confines of your home? Or do you wish you had a more opulent lifestyle? Personal Touch can transform your “old” home into a “brand new home” without having to change your address! Over time, families grow and needs change … and one way to make space is to add on to your existing home.

By combining quality design and construction services, we are able to see your project through from start to finish, keeping the total “look”, engineering and your budget in mind.

We’ll work with you by helping you to think ahead and determine your future needs in terms of both design and function. Plus, we’ll help you make that all-important permit process go as smoothly as possible. And, of course, we’ll let you know how the job will impact upon your daily life, allowing you to plan accordingly.

Whether you’re dormering your bedrooms or adding on a new den, let Personal Touch increase the value of your home and customize your living space!


Whole House Remodeling

Do you have a secret desire for your current living space? Wish you had an exercise gym or a basement that was designed to accommodate friends and family? No matter what room in your home you want to renovate or remodel, Personal Touch can help! Whether you are remodeling a room to take it in a whole new direction by adding space, reshaping or changing it for easier access … or renovating your kitchen for a more modern feel, or a guest room to create an entertainment center, Personal Touch will remodel and renovate to meet your design needs. We are 100% dedicated to completing the job to meet your specifications. Speak to one of our talented design consultants and watch your fantasy develop right before your eyes!

The last thing you need is aggravation over layout, completion dates, or costs. That’s why at Personal Touch, a team is assigned at the beginning of your project, giving you access to estimators, remodelers, space planners — whatever type of specialist you need. No question goes unanswered, and no detail is overlooked!


You can depend on Personal Touch to deliver comfort and luxury to your kitchen … professionally and affordably. Installing flooring, cabinets, counter tops, kitchen sinks, and appliances Personal Touch will ensure that your kitchen is not just a room, but a place that reflects the heart of your home and the home of your heart’s work. Let Personal Touch design and build a kitchen that is just as warm and inviting as you!

Our Design Consultants will discuss the following aspects concerning your kitchen:

Traffic and workflow
Cabinets and storage
Appliance placement and use/clearance space
Counter surface and landing space
Room, appliance and equipment controls

You are invited to meet with our design and supervisory personnel who will answer all of your questions and suggest beautiful, functional solutions that fit your taste and budget


Warm water caressing your face. Wrapping yourself in the hug of a cozy towel. The mesmerizing, exotic scent of your favorite soap or lotion. This is your time in your place — the bathroom you’ve always wanted, where beauty meets function. And when you add those little touches — a whirlpool, towel warmer, body sprays, even a steam module — your bath is transformed into a spa fit for a queen or king.

When it comes to form meeting function … the perfect mix of luxury and life’s necessities … the melding of elegance and the elementary, Personal Touch is your bathroom remodeling specialist par excellence.

Our bathroom design consultants will analyze and consider with you:

Floor spaces and door openings
Showers and bathtubs
Grab bars, storage and flooring
Controls and mechanical systems

With Personal Touch the possibilities are limitless.